What is Conversational Intelligence®?

It is the hardwired and learnable ability to connect, navigate and with others through conversation.

Leadership Coaching

How conversations break relationships


Blind Spots

We all have blind spots, they become part of our conversation patterns that we develop as we try to navigate our environments.  Do you have to be right?  Maybe you assume everyone thinks the same way as you.  These two are the most common blind spots.

We can greatly improve the quality of our conversations when we are aware of our blind spots and develop new ways of thinking and speaking.

Conversational Intelligence helps you discover your blind spots and learn how to overcome these to create better conversations and outcomes.

Fight & Flight

Our primitive brain is on constant look out for signals of threat. It is what it’s designed to do.  When threat is detected this activates your fight & flight mechanism causing you to become defensive and protective.

You can even trigger this mechanism in others through your conversation patterns.  The quality of the conversation will decline as you both try to protect and defend your beliefs.

Conversational Intelligence builds the skills and understanding in how you down regulate a threat response, creating a greater chance for trust and engagement with others.

Levels of Conversation

Do you struggle to connect with others, unable to start a conversation?  Maybe you become frustrated when you feel you’re understood.

We can be stuck using one or two levels of conversation which restricts our ability to connect and engage with others.  It causes many of our misunderstandings, disengagement, and is how assumptions are made.

Conversational Intelligence helps you learn how to elevate your conversation to the highest level where great questions generate great ideas quickly and readily.

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