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Have you ever wondered what stops people having open and honest conversations in the workplace?  Or why are there so many conversations that need to be had, yet remain hidden?

I have worked with many companies that have extraordinary products and services and hire extraordinary people who are passionate about the success of the company.  Yet the culture is stifling, the conversations are limiting, and the growth is stagnating.

“So much potential lies untapped.

Everything happens through conversation”

I help Engineers build their people skills to boost their visibility and influence.  Engineers cannot do this based purely on their technical capability.  They must have a complement of skills to connect and engage with others.  This is even more so for Senior Engineers and Leaders.  

I am passionate about helping Engineers grow to be the success they deserve to be.

My focus is clear.  

Having worked with and alongside Engineers in mining, utilities, and manufacturing for over 20 years, I have a deep understanding of Engineers – their characteristics, passions, and frustrations.  I believe Engineers are often the unsung warriors of a company.  I want to help them change this.

I completed a Chemistry degree and worked in the water industry before moving to the “dark” side and completing a psychology degree.  Moving to the West and spent another 11 years in the mining industry.  I moved back into utilities and then manufacturing/mining services before deciding my calling was helping Engineers be more visible in the workplace.  

What I value in my clients


Change and a desire to be better all require great courage.  Courage is what transforms good to great.  Less than 5% of leaders globally are perceived as being great by their peers.  If you want to be a great Engineer – be courageous.



Engineers are renowned for their determination to solve problems and design solutions.  The process of self improvement requires this same determination and resolve.  Nothing good comes easy, nor is it comfortable.  Let’s work on it together!


I love Engineers who are humble enough to realise they lack the people skills and want to do something about it. They seek out training, coaching, & mentoring not only to get promoted but to become a better Engineer.

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  • Bachelor Applied Chemistry
  • Bachelor Behavioural Science
  • Conversational Intelligence® Certified Practitioner
  • Post Graduate Diploma Adult Education (incomplete)
  • Diploma Leadership Coaching
  • DISC Consultant

Relevant Experience

Over 20 years experience in Human Resources Management primarily in mining, manufacturing, engineering services, & utilities.  My passion has always been in the development of technical and engineering people from apprentices to Senior Engineering Leaders.

As a coach I work with individuals, and within medium to large industrial companies offering facilitated group sessions and one on one coaching.  


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