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From awareness to embodiment
Leadership Coaching

Engineering Managers & Leaders

Your values, behaviours and conversation style will have a tremendous impact on how others perceive you.  Do you find yourself without a voice in meetings?  Do you feel others aren’t showing you the respect you feel you deserve for your efforts and role in the organisation?  

I work with senior engineers and leaders who are technically brilliant and have so much to offer.  What limits their abilities is how they present to others.  It may be the way you run or participate in meetings.  It might be how effectively you are able to connect and engage with others both formally and informally.  Do you struggle with the small talk for example?

By guiding you in building your awareness of you own thinking, beliefs, values and even the words you use, you will significantly change how others treat you.  

Technical / Professional Engineers

Do you hear yourself using the term “It is what it is” when you talk to others about your job and some of the problems you are facing?

Do you find others in the same position?  

Why not try coaching?

The five most important capabilities for leaders are resilience, curiosity, ability to trust, creativity, and adaptability.  Fortunately we all possess these capabilities and they develop in an environment of trust.  Leaders with strong conversation skills build great teams.

My programs help leaders develop the understanding and know-how to create psychologically safe environments where people unlock their potential, build the connections, and deliver amazing results .

How teams work together

The best way to set teams up for success is to ensure there is a clear vision that unites, a shared understanding of how they will work together and the ability to resolve issues in a way that builds relationships.

My programs build strong foundations of trust within the team bringing aspiration and passion to life.  They focus on developing robust and healthy conversation skills and the how-to for dealing with critical and crucial conversations.

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