Reasons to change the conversation


Failure rate of change initiatives


The difference between high and low performing teams that is attributed to the quality of the conversation


Current level of employee engagement


Conversations in the workplace that effectively deliver the intended message

People don’t need fixing,

they just need to build their

conversational intelligence.

What is it I do?

In a nutshell, I help you develop your conversation skills and know-how.

Conversation skills are rarely taught, yet everything happens through conversation.

Everyone has experienced poor conversations and their impact including conflict, silos, bullying, resistance to change, passive/aggressiveness, avoidance, the list goes on.

Mastering conversation skills enables you to significantly increase the levels of trust, resilience, creativity, innovation, engagement, and influence in yourself and others.

Scenario 1

A Supervisor instantaneously turned a toxic relationship with his son into one of understanding and respect in one conversation.  He discovered his patterns of conversation that were excluding and shutting down his son and learned new approaches that connected and engaged him.

Scenario 2

An engineer, unable to gain agreement to their ideas, learnt how to navigate meetings, knowing when and how to contribute, resulting in increased participation and a new respect for the engineer.

Scenario 3

A team that was keen to step up to their next level of greatness developed the knowledge and know-how for courageous conversations,  aligning intent and impact and how to navigate the emotions of others.

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How I work with you

Identify your issues

Before any program is developed, I take time to discover and understand the root causes and issues.  For this I use tools such as interviews with a number of employees & leaders, observations, &/or 360 feedback surveys.

Program development

I work closely with you to develop a customised program that addresses the issues and fits in with your budget.

Implement your program

Programs can be delivered as facilitated workshops, team building days, &/or 1 on 1 coaching. They can be run as single or multi session programs.

Return on investment

Together we will develop clear criteria on which to measure the success of your program.

What they say about me…

a solid listener

I met Sandra through AHRI’s mentorship program following a recent promotion into my first HR Management position. As my mentor, Sandra shared with me many valuable lessons regarding HR Management and I found her to be incredibly knowledgeable, personable, a solid listener, and very open and honest.

Whilst there are many things that I have learnt from Sandra, I was most appreciative for the discussions that we had about breaking down barriers between individuals and teams, through crucial conversations (an extremely important skill for any Manager!); and also the insightful and probing questions she would often ask, which would often help me drill down into the core of a project to allow me to build better strategic plans, that better aligned with the organisation. I would always feel so motivated and inspired following our chats.

Sandra’s is an effective and practical coach, friend and mentor who has a powerful communicative skillset. I strongly value the lessons that she shared with me as they will stay with me throughout my career. I recommend her to any individual or organisation seeking stronger collaboration and innovation within their teams.

Tegan Rodgers - client
HR Business Partner

incredibly informative

I attended Sandra’s workshop because the art of conversation is critical to my profession. I am a lawyer who manages other staff, and so conversation is critical when I am advising my clients, participating in negotiations with other parties or their lawyers, and when I am managing staff.

I also hoped to learn skills which I could share with my colleagues – working at a law firm naturally includes having to have difficult conversations at all levels, whether it is a lawyer dealing with an anxious client or a receptionist who is the first person an emotional client is talking to, conversations are important.

Sandra’s workshop was incredibly informative in terms of the science behind how we think and react, and how this impacts on our conversations. But more importantly, Sandra’s workshop allowed me to identify my current style in certain conversations, and how I may be able to improve on that style for the benefit of my clients and colleagues.

By applying ‘real-life’ examples, and having a small group to share experiences with, Sandra’s workshop allowed all of us to put strategies in place for specific conversations we were struggling with.

I still see my conversational intelligence as a work in progress, but Sandra’s workshop has caused me to be more mindful when I am having conversations in the workplace (whether with clients, colleagues or other parties) and actively reflect on how I am approaching those conversations.

Thank you Sandra for an informative and positive experience!

Chenara - attended workshop
Lawyer – Avon Legal

informative and practical

I was interested to learn more about the impact our conversations can have on others, especially because communication is a key skill in my industry. Sandra’s workshop was both informative and practical and there were a lot of great takeaways that I could use immediately to improve the way I communicate with others.

Sandra presented the workshop in a way that kept all engaged and allowed everyone to participate and demonstrate what they had learnt at the end of the workshop. In short, I would highly recommend the workshop.

Danielle Bechelet
Lawyer - Avon Legal

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"Having had a career in mining, engineering and manufacturing, I have a special interest in helping clients in these fields make a fundamental shift from technical specialist and experts to effective people leaders.

My interests in how the brain works and the impact we have on others means I provide a much deeper understanding of human interaction and communication.

As a former scientist I will use only evidence based processes, tools and frameworks which are proven to facilitate radical and sustainable change."

Sandra Booth
Believe Achieve Coach

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