Coaching Responsiblity

“My Mission is to help people and companies realise their potential by building the connections through better conversations”

My Perspective

Many conversations fail to happen because people do not have the skills to hold a conversation that builds the relationship

When people discover the impact their conversations have on others they can change their world by changing their conversation

When our impact and our intentions are aligned in conversations we get better outcomes and build deeper relationships

Leadership Coaching
Executive Coaching

My Responsibility

As your coach I will facilitate your discovery and insight into the conversation patterns you use.  I will assist you in improving your conversations patterns with the aid of tools and understanding of how the brain works.  We will work together to help you embody healthy approaches to conversations.

I will use only evidence-based and proven tools and techniques to assist you.

I am not a trained therapist therefore if I think that coaching is not appropriate for you, I will request you speak with your GP who can refer you for appropriate treatment.

My Approach

I believe the person or people in front of me have the answers to resolve their issue.  My role is in assisting the client in the discovery and insight of the right way forward.  I will challenge you with tough questions and encourage you to work through the discomfort these may cause.  I will provide you a very safe space to think deeply and analyse aspects such as your impact, your conversation patterns, your blind spots and your aspirations. I will expect you to practice, experiment, and reflect which will help embody the changes you want to make. Together we will celebrate your achievements.

Organisational Effectiveness

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