What if you could engineer great conversations that influence others?

What would you gain?

Efficiency, growth, buy-in, engagement or maybe respect?

You have the answers, you know what will work, how can you get others to believe you?

Could your conversations be letting you down?

Are they causing others to put up, shut up, give up, or maybe even stand up against you.

If so, it’s time to change the conversation.

Join me in discovering how to engineer great conversations that influence others.  Learn how to listen to connect and use the different levels of conversation to build the relationship and develop the trust.

Changing the conversation will change your world.

When you have the skills and know-how to hold create great conversations, you will be able to navigate and manage the emotions involved, which is particularly important in difficult conversations.  It’s the negative emotions that cause us grief and derail the conversations.

This experiential workshop will help you understand and develop conversation skills that increase engagement and commitment.  You will learn how to build trust and regulate the emotions in the moment.  You will be provided the skills needed to move seamlessly through the conversation overcoming barriers and resistance whilst maintaining trust.

Whether you are presenting a proposal, performance managing, or involved in a strategic decision, you want people to keep their mind open, to listen, and think critically otherwise you will fail to influence them.

When you apply these skills to your conversations, you will experience a powerful shift in the dynamics of the conversation.  You will find people are more engaged, curious and open to listening to you.

This isn’t rocket science, it is in fact Neuroscience of Conversation®.

Want to learn more?

Here is where you start.

Join me to discover and explore how you can Engineer Great Conversations That Influence Others and how to create conversations for influence.