How to Engineer Conversations that Deliver

Did you know that up to 70% of your conversations fail to deliver the message or the outcome you expect.


What could this be saying about the way you lead, collaborate, and work?


Conversation is the foundation of what it is to be human.  Together with a few birds and whales, we are the only species to have the FOXP2 gene that enables us to use language to communicate.  We have been given a great gift.


So why is our communication so poor?  Let me show you.


Science is now providing rich evidence on how conversation impacts us at a neurochemical level and explains why we so often transmit the wrong messages.


Whilst the science is complex, the explanation isn’t.


Join me on my next webinar as I show you the impact of conversation on the brain and teach you how to structure your conversation to get great outcomes.  You will be able to change the way you communicate immediately after the webinar is over.


The 90 minute webinar will be held on Friday March 10 commencing 9.30am WST.  Please click here for the registration page and webinar link.